Fiddler on the Roof

Normally, man is pleased when things go right and are recognizable. When something does not go as it should or look unfamiliar, fear and sadness follow. But somewhere in between lies art, sometimes turning the state of things, so it will be nice and enjoyable in a playful way. One of the nicer artists was


Marc Chagal. One of his paintings, fiddler, shows a violinist standing on a house in all the wrong proportions. It is a recollection of the Jewish areas that became part of the Russian Empire from the early 1800s. The painting is remarkable from normality's point of view, but true in the sense that the Jewish musician every night was playing on the roof. The painting inspired one of the world's most popular musicals, Fiddler on the Roof, which, however, is based on a Yiddish story on the same theme, also inspired by Chagals painting. That things go wrong in the world of art is quite obvious and expected, and it would be pointless to criticize Chagal of misinformation. But if we leave the world of art, this is called distortion of reality, where the musician is like a giant on a tiny house, the normality's representations collapse, as systems sometimes collapse. In a system that collapses good things are only dreams, while the abnormal becomes a funny and enchanting living.


Collapse means that normal and constructive action is limited to a small area, surrounded by a vast wasteland of unforeseen events. Laughter is triggered when those responsible for the collapse try to do something extra that, of course, is counterproductive, as we normally feel cheated of laughter and mockery when the collapse just trudge on in failure without end.


The West in general and Sweden in particular is a good example of a system in collapse. One of the countries where both the West, especially the Anglo-Saxon part, and Sweden supports the collapsing trend is Ukraine, where the remains of the state after the bloody coup d'etat gives several examples of how this works.


Culturally the collapse means that Ukrainian pseudo-nationalism wants to abolish everything Russian and replace it with the worship of the West, who is listening to the music from the musicians with the utmost comfort, while historical wrongs invented by a phony language, based on rural dialect and cultural complex, just as the painting Fiddler on the roof was a story in Yiddish, which in turn later was spiced with anti-Semitism in the theater performances, something that does not exist in either the painting or the story.


Ukrainian society is collapsing as most of the population, the normal Ukraine, is expelled from the Ukrainian society and proclaimed the enemy, while the Ukrainian society's only self-image is an obsession with the Russian, that is normal, that is assigned grotesque dimensions.


Social development is, of course, a logical consequence of the political collapse, where the Western coup has led to the Ukraine being led by hand-picked criminals, appointed by the United States. The political collapse goes side by side with a military collapse and a geographic where everything Russian leaves Ukraine more or less against its will. Now, Ukraine is so far developed in the collapse that the CIA officers cannot control the Nazi terror, just as the CIA created both the Taliban and the IS and then lost control.


Ukraine's economic collapse has followed a similar path with the expulsion of everything Russian, where the industry, once the Soviet Union's pride, is now gone. Ukrainian rocket scientists have found jobs in North Korea and motor company employees are seeking jobs in Russia. Rocket enterprises, ship builders and helicopter manufacturers are moving to Russia, which still remains Ukraine's largest trading partner, but only for the reason that the rapprochement with the West has collapsed, if it ever was relevant. The only things Ukraine has received an export license for is the sale of the country's forests, which now will soon be depleted, and black soil.


Ukraine's financial collapse has made the Ukrainians as poor as in the 1990s, when there was not even money in the country. The social security system has been abolished and schools closed during the winter due to lack of heat, while the people in the summer are sweating in the Polish countryside or in the Swedish forests for slave wages. Ukraine is now in debt to a level that ensures that it will never be free and independent, especially in light of the ongoing collapse.


The history of Ukraine's collapse is written as a painting by Chagal, where The Fiddler (Skripal in Ukrainian) first die of a poison that in three seconds would wipe out the entire Salisbury and then resurrected and eventually disappear. As this took place in the West there is no reason to doubt the correctness of the picture, while the story that takes place in Ukraine makes the world marvel at the stupidity and unbridled creativity. The entire normal world laughs while in the world of collapse, people are surprised at the loss of success (you did that in England, why can not we do that?) And anger over the clumsy device (it is only we who can do such paintings).


Both Skripal and Babtjenko are Ukrainians, born and raised in Russia, and their career and significance is entirely that they made a deed to paint a picture of Russia as hell on earth. The image is already at hand in the West and maintained by the musicians, as when the Swedish king does not condole when Russians die in terror attacks. But it is precisely this aspect that makes the Russians to be proud of their country and today's democratic development. It shows precisely that Sweden's head of state is morally degraded, as well as the government he leads, in a way that no propaganda could ever manage. They have musicians, Skripal and Babtjenko, who shows that it is possible to make any career in Russia, which is a real democracy, while those outside the country soon become the victim of a hunting, which only focuses on their ethnicity. Babtjenko and Ukrainian officials did not understand that the process, if it were to succeed, should be extended with a fight for life in hospital, coma, resuscitation and other stories in the media to raise the tension and get cheerleaders in the media calling for the expulsion of diplomats, war preparations and boycott of the World Cup. In their eagerness to be clever, the Ukrainian musicians made a parody of the British joke, and it became clear how easy it is to fool the media. Babtjenko revealed Skripal, whence the fury in the West. 


This is what collapse looks like at the personal level. A journalist or a spy who dies, are resurrected as musicians. The country and government leaders will be ridiculed, while the media is silenced and would like to forget, while looking for new musicians. Therein lies the Ukrainian fiddler's importance, since both Skripal and Babtjenko in their lust for life has shown that the image of Russia as hell belongs to people of collapse. Chagals Fiddler shows that music can lead to heaven, while Aleichems novel tells how a culture which does not defend its traditions collapses and dies. The American movie that came later shows that Russia is hell on earth. The film was a fruit of history's greatest collapse - Holocaust.