The only way

You have your way, I have mine. As for the only way, the right way, it is not there, Nietzsche said. The problem is that sometimes our roads are crossed, and far from everyone is as wise as Nietzsche. It turns out that when the roads meet, the parties have


completely different perceptions of both themselves and others. The fools think they hade made a wise choice, because they themselves are so wise, while the wise doubt that they have chosen the right path, also because they are so wise. The fool thinks high about himself, the wise not. However, the fool believes that most others are damn stupid in their heads, while the wise suspect that everyone else is a little wiser. The fools are optimistic, while the wise sometimes get a little sad. It is an irony that the phenomenon is called the Downing effect.


While a note in British press announces that the lady in the park did not die from Novitjok and a year after the war chemical company in Salisbury, Porton Down, announced that Novitjok did not have anything with the spy history to do, the Swedish newspapers are filled with reports of histories, which are based on these two facts, which have never happened. In the front, Säpo stands, whose task in recent times has been to mislead their own citizens, where the British spy farse is connected to the Swedish electricity grid, since both tragedies have their source in the Kremlin. It would have been in order if these confused reports of Russian evil and Russian ghosts had been a marginal phenomenon at the edge of the media, but that is not the case. On the contrary, this is the story people grow up with, read to the morning coffee and watch in the TV news. Well, I have also been cheated by submarine commissions, history books, and the politics of empty words during my lifetime, but today's level had not passed the social science lessons in about seventh grade. 


Today, fools are not content to spread their knowledge of disinformation, a knowledge that is in fact disinformation, but they also try to control social media and even the contents of your computer. There are idiots on the largest social media sitting and picking out people and groups, creating pages of various kinds to make money from advertising. Russians and Ukrainians have a fantasy and ingenuity that is hard to beat. They can sell these pages to their own employer and thus attract readers and thus advertising. The condition is that the employer does not find out, or gets part of the profit. The second condition is anonymity, so that the tax office is not in the game. But in the West, fools are sitting, who not only shut down the sites because of the anonymity, but also even more stupid fools, who believe that the pages are closed down for their content, which is completely innocent, for those who know Russian and can take a look. But the operation has a name that says everything about the meaning of such stupidity: Removing coordinated inauthentic behavior from Russia. The Russian everyday life is presented as an "operation" directed at the West, and misery in its own continent is presented as a consequence of Russian malice. 


It is especially fun, of course, in the United States, where the computer manufacturer has constructed a truth filter that shines green or red, depending on whether you read news on truthful and trust-creating sites, of course American, or if you are studying the world situation via Russia Today or Sputnik. The goal of the American Empire is to spread the filter all over the world because the truth must win once and for all. It will be installed on social media, school computers and universities, not to mention the journalists' own pages and information sources, because the goal is that the source should be one and the same. 


This is a process all over Western. In Russia there is no worries about fake news of spy stories or Swedish electricity shortage as a vicious Kremlin operation, except in the genre of humor. There are no green or red flashing browsers against "inauthentic behavior", at least for common people. The security service has its way of finding terrorists and spies, but does not interfere with everyday life. One important aspect is that the FSB does not pretend that, for example, Swedish media, which is owned and controlled or only financed by the state, has some hidden agenda, containing disinformation and malice against Russia and Russians. It is already obvious, so the FSB has no function here. No browser with warning lights is needed. But a Swede, who knows Russian, risks encountering Russian articles on spy stories that never took place, but which people believe in, lack of electricity, lack of water and other shortcomings in the country that nobody cares about. The security service and state media then enter and protect their citizens with a truth filter. This inauthentic behavior is the Downing effect in the internet age, where fools believe in the only way.

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