Swedish foreign policy

Sweden's embassy in Kiev once again demonstrated the foreign policy that, in addition to military support for the slaughter of Russian Ukrainians in the eastern part of the country, support the coup d'état's Jewish mafia in the remains of Ukraine, as well as influence operations via Sida and other governmental organizations, remains of the war policy in Eastern Partnership, which has led to


two wars against Russia and Russians, it was now time for the strongest card of Swedish foreign policy, the intrusion of homoculture in Ukrainian society. It was a happening that would probably best be considered a bad joke in the light of Ukraine's current state.


This involvement in the culture of another country is disgusting, and neither warfare nor the hypocrisy of human rights politics has any future. A country that can not settle human rights in its own insurance fund should not try to teach other countries to live. It immediately ridiculed when the Foreign Minister motivates the country's policy against foreign countries with bad behavior. What has that with the purpose of foreign policy to do and who is she to say who behaves badly or giving other grades?


It is now a fact that Ukraine, like Hungary, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Austria and Bulgaria, begin to take their right to choose their own alliances, even if they happen to be neighbors of the EU, who bribes the elites to gain entry. These countries' trade with Russia is the only thing that keeps the countries alive, even in Ukraine. There are now more and more sensible voices in the international community that want to normalize relations with Russia and even stop choking Ukraine. It is time for a new Swedish foreign policy. We could start by understanding that Crimea and Ukraine are inhabited by Russians, Russian-speaking people, and people who are part of a Russian and Slavic civilization. What Sweden tries to force is as crazy as Karl XII's ravages and as simple as the Polish dream of a kingdom from sea to sea.


The Swedish foreign policy against Russia is part of a Western hate, reminiscent of the story of  Ferdinand the Bull. It is based on an illusion and imagination that Russia does not respond to. Because it was not only the Soviet Union that fell, it was the petrine western period that ended in Russia. What looked like Europe expanding to the east was, in fact, a geographical movement westward called Eurasia. The end of the western epoch in Russia is the root cause of the meaningless hatred of the country in today's West.


It is about time to realize that a Russian epoch is now commencing in world history, where Russia recalls the inheritance of Tjingiz khan, from which Russia picked up the word for money, as well as Sweden and other European countries, by the way. The war art in Russia has since been undefeated and Christianity has never been more beautiful than in the Russian empire of the Tartars. The Eurasian highways will shortly come to Moscow for further journeys to Berlin, and would gladly travel further to Helsinki and with connections to the Kola Peninsula and Norrland, and also to Trelleborg and Malmö from the other side. But it would require another Sweden, with other ideas about what the population should do and how to think about history's long development lines. The line we chose about 70 years ago has reached an end point and should be abandoned as soon as possible.


A new thinking, free from Polish jealousy, Baltic gnats, Ukrainian fascism and Caroline revanschism, could lead Sweden to welcome the Eurasian progress, where the country could play a significant role in the Baltic Sea gas trade and the Russian industrial offensive.


Sweden can and should:


1. Stop pursuing a policy of illusions and fantasies about annexations and invasions; the rhetoric has no recipient in Russia;


2. Discontinue the involvement in Ukraine's internal affairs and stop supporting Nazism there;


3. Develop a plan for intergovernmental projects between Sweden and Russia, such as gas and oil industry in Malmö;


4. introduce visa-free travel with Russia;


5. initiate humanitarian cooperation with Russia and Syria;


6. stop supporting terrorists in Syria and other countries;


7. restore Russian as a modern language in high school;


8. start a military cooperation with Russia, for example in Syria, instead of moving around with NATO along the Russian border in meaningless provocations;


9. act for a reduced presence of foreign powers and war organizations such as NATO in the Baltic Sea;


10. realize that Sweden is fantastic only within the country's borders.


Sweden is today the best example of how policies should be conducted to present Swedes as ridiculous, disgusting and repulsive in the world. High time to set an end to that.