A journey from Malmö to Moscow

A journey from Malmö to Moscow has now been published as an ebook. The printed version will arrive within a few weeks. The book is an autobiographical travel story without any biographical reference and without a single tourist attraction. Foucault called this kind of survey "antibiography", a work of thoughtful shapes of a life, without beginning or end, without line, intrigue or hero, just like in Tjechov's The Lady with a dog, the greatest work in the history of literature. For over 30 years I have authored texts about the Soviet Union, Russia and Ukraine, none of which most readers have not read or even heard of, and these are the shards in my mind that I want to share with others. My infamous situation has its reasons, two of which appear to be my hallmark. During the great part of my life in the Slavic world, I worked with texts for the KGB, but not as one of any agent's rank, or any famous writer, for that matter, but rather as a second or third grade analyst and thinker in a small room on Lubyanka. The other side of my not being widely read is that my thoughts simply do not fit in, especially not in the Western mentality. They arouse distrust and anger, sometimes even hate. One of my tasks, yes maybe the big task, has been to try catch the mentality, first and foremost the Russian, but also its anti-thesis, the western one. Somewhere in between there is also a Swedish mentality. It is when these mentalities get squeezed as misguiders wake up, first of all those who do not want to get to know themselves, but just thrive in their own glory. For those who are interested in other people, in this case, Russians, and thus by themselves, this book may be of some value. For those who just like the flight of the thought and excitement, the book can also be exciting. For those who just like reading as pleasure or enjoyment, being filled with that tickling sensation of adventure at the thought of how a man from Malmö in Sweden ended up in the lion's cave bullet of the Moscovites, the symbolic coomunist headquarters of Lubjanka, writing world history, literally speaking, the following texts are real treasures. For those who want to get to know Russia and the Russians, they are a must, especially in our time.


 The book's antibiographic character indicates that it can be read from the beginning or the end, from anywhere, because time in the book does not go in a line from start to finish, but up and down as in archaeology. The reader can go down and up in any order and in and out of time at any time. Thus the reader has an advantage to the book, that could not see the light at any time. But I think that time is slowly coming for my book, too.




Enjoy reading!


Stefan Gehander